The Hammam is one of the oldest surviving bath tradition in the world. It is dates back to the late eighth century according to the the ruins of the oldest known Islamic Hammam in Morocco. Hammam (bath) rituals is about cleanse and exfoliate impurities from the body with a steam, natural oils and exfoliating glove – Kessa

Inspired by this beautiful ritual we made raw linen Kessa glove.



Made of non-softened, raw linen fibers, it will perfectly massage the skin, cleansing the epidermis and stimulating circulation and lymphatic system. 100% natural scrub. Can also be used for daily dry massage.
After the first treatment, the skin is firmer and smoother, thanks to which it also absorbs moisturizing cosmetics more easily.

During the bath or shower, warm up the body with warm water for a few minutes, then use your favorite soap or liquid to massage the body, starting from the feet, going up – stomach, buttocks with circular movements (stomach preferably clockwise) thighs, legs and arms in long upward strokes. After bathing, apply natural oils or your favorite moisturizing cosmetics to the skin, performing a gentle massage.

As in the case of dry brushing, it should be performed before or immediately after bathing – gently massage the skin with long circular movements adjusting the pressure to your preferences – it is a relaxing treatment, it should not hurt. Immediately after, apply your favorite moisturizing cosmetics, gently massaging into the energized skin.

It is not recommended to use it when there are skin imperfections, damage or irritation to the skin.